About us

We read old cookbooks to trace the origins of tastes that have been preserved in our collective memory. Old Polish recipes and stories about cuisine of the Old Breslau are interpreted according to our experiences and culinary schools that shaped us. The quality of products we use is determined by the traditional ways of production, care about Polish cultural heritage, respect for nature and craftsmanship. We pay a lot of attention to the products we use and we only purchase them from trustworthy Polish suppliers. On top of that, we add what we pick ourselves in the forest, garden, orchard or by the Odra river. Our aim is to transform raw nature into beautiful dishes using traditional food processing methods.


Justyna Słupska Kartaczowska

 Both my great-grandmother and grandmother were outstanding cooks. Looking at it from a perspective, I think it was a sign . Unfortunately, I read it much too late. I got lost studying history of art or film make-up before I eventually found the right path – it turned out that what I liked the most was cooking a cabbage soup! Thus, I became a chef. And although this is not an easy road, I keep on pursuing it! One of the toughest moments on my way was my time in France – it was rainy and muddy, but I learnt how to cope with climate changes and precipation. This made my 2 years in the Palme d’Or 2* restaurant hard but memorable. There were also sunny and happy days on my chef’s way – 6 years in Monopol Hotel in Wroclaw. For more than a half of this time I was a head chef. Currently, I am trodding a narrow path upwards, but I would not change it for anything. This is the time for my own restaurant. I hope to see you in jadka!